7 Steps How To Properly Maintenance Detail Your Car Like The Pros

7 Steps How To Properly Maintenance Detail Your Car Like The Pros

In this step by step guide we will show how to properly maintenance detail your car and the products we recommend because if you wash your car the wrong way you can abysmally damage your cars paintwork by using fairy liquid and only using one bucket and a sponge but don’t worry in this guide we will show you the correct techniques and practices used buy the detailing pros.

We always recommend you clean your wheels before anything else, first take your chosen wheel cleaner we recommend TUGA Chemie Wheel Cleaner this wheel cleaner is best applied to a dried wheel, first spray the wheel with a decent amount of cleaner wait 3-5 minutes and you will see the cleaner turn to a deep purple/red colour that means it’s time for it to be rinsed off for wheels that are particaley dirty or have a lot of brake dust on use a wheel brush to agitate the cleaner. Also while you are there make sure to clean the tyre wall with a Wheel Brush.

We are going all out with AutoGlym first thing you need is a foam cannon this can be attached to most pressure washers we recommend AutoGlym Polar Blaster if you don’t have a pressure no problem because there snow cannons that can attach to a garden hose though these do not produce as thick of a foam, And for a snow foam we are going to recommend AutoGlym Polar Blast this is to be applied to a cool and dry surface put about 100ml of Polar Blast to 500ml of water into a foam cannon then apply all over the vehicle starting from the bottom Polar Blast produces a nice thick foam that you can leave to dwell for 10 minutes (BUT DO NOT LEAVE TO DRY) snow foams are great for a prewash it loosens dirt and heavy soling by applying a thick coating of foam to the vehicle after 10 minutes of leaving to dwell rinse away making sure all traces snow foam are gone.

For the touch wash we are going to recommend AutoGlym Polar Wash this is applied unlike a conventional bucket full of water and soap but instead using a foam cannon apply starting from the bottom and cover the whole vehicle then agitate all the foam in straight lines minimising scratching using a Sonax Microfibre Wash Glove, you want to start cleaning the vehicle from the top as the bottom is usually the dirtiest part of the car and you might end up dragging up dirt and scratching the rest of your car, after every panel cleaned rinse off your wash mitt in your rinse bucket with a grit guard at the bottom this Maguires Bucket & Grit Guard Kit is a very good option. you will also want to clean around badges, grilles & trims with a Detailing Brush also with a separate brush clean around exhausts tips once all the polar wash has been agitated rinse thoroughly.

how to maintenace detail your car

AutoGlym has made it easy to seal and protect your paintwork with AutoGlym Polar Seal while the car is still wet apply Polar Seal using a foam cannon starting from the bottom apply Polar Seal covering the whole car except the windscreens, leave on the car for no more than 3 minutes then thoroughly  rise it off the water will flow off the var because of Polar Seals amazing hydrophobic properties.

After applying Polar Seal the vehicle will be so much easier to dry now and in the next wash. To dry the vehicle we recommend AutoBrite The Reaper Drying Towel this is a super plush drying towel that will make easy work of drying the paintwork, a technique for drying is buy laying the towel down on the panel and dragging in straight lines this minimises the chance of scratching another good technique is pat drying this offers the least amount of chance of scratching.

Make sure to clean your glass with a good glass cleaner like Invisible Glass Cleaner & a good quality microfibre towel the best quality towels about are these Kirkland Signature Towels they are good for everything.

To finish the job off you will want to apply Maguires Endurance Tyre Gel using a Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad this will finish the job off  restore the look of your tyres until the next wash

And your done sit back and admire your work why not share your work in the Detailing & Car Care section of the Bimmer Planet forums. We will soon be writing about paint correction, removing scratches & swirls from your paintwork and achieving a perfect gloss

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